Our Story

Finding alternative answers through science, nutrition, ingredients & lifestyle.

We are alt+

And we believe the time has come for an alternative way to look at wellness. For far too long, the conversation has been swayed one way by nature and the other by science. Not anymore.

We’re here to be honest with the wellness-seeking community. To debunk myths about nutrition, decode ancient practices and explore emerging science. And to reveal the hidden universe of products, practices and plants.

Our Mission

We’re here to share knowledge, make alternatives mainstream and become the leading voice in healthcare.

The Team

Our founders are health-conscious folk. But they are also serious about science. They are committed to bringing the worlds of nature and science together to create perfect supplement blends.

Our team of scientists embody the coming together of Eastern and Western thinking. Based in India, Germany and the UK, they combine natural remedies that have been used for centuries, like adaptogens and botanicals, with essential vitamins and minerals.

The result is a range of curated powder blends whose powerful properties can prevent health issues and improve lives.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
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alt+ Principles, trust in nature, believe in science, share knowledge, always be open-minded, challenge the status quo, empower everyone, search for better alternatives.